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About us

aileron. is a non-profit initiative that makes career insights and mentorship free and accessible, especially for underserved Malaysian students.


Our primary value propositions are i) Resources Dissemination and ii) Mentorship Program.


We regularly gather and disseminate professional development resources and career insights to make them accessible for all Malaysian students. Since our inception in Jan 2021, we have documented industry landscapes and career pathways in various high-impact industries, while producing resources to help underserved students better position themselves in the job seeking process.


Our flagship mentorship program connects driven Malaysian students with mentors who are currently working in high-impact careers. It is a year-long program that features a balanced mix of 1-on-1 mentoring and small group workshops. The program is free and promotes a virtuous cycle by requiring successful mentees to pay it forward.


We hope to empower driven Malaysian students in breaking into high-impact careers, regardless of their backgrounds.

Our story

aileron. was conceived by a group of students and graduates who recently experienced the job recruitment process and noticed how opaque the job-seeking process was and how difficult it was to get access to insights and mentorship.


Traditionally, career insights and advice are delivered through word of mouth among families and friends, which disadvantages students from less-privileged backgrounds who would not have access to a strong professional network. 


With a keen desire to share, we developed this social initiative that aimed at bridging the gap between students and diverse career pathways, with a focus on the underserved.

Our focus verticals

Currently, we have three focus verticals:


Banking & Finance

Management Associate programs at local and international banks, investment banking careers, and Big 4 transaction advisory careers.


Management Consulting

Consulting practices of large international strategy consulting firms, as well as Big 4 consulting divisions.


Business Development

Graduate programs offered by established Multinational Corporates and leading startups.

Our vision

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