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  • Who is eligible for the mentorship program?
    You are eligible if you are: 1) Malaysian university student with a least 1 year left to graduation 2) Genuinely nice person 3) Driven 4) Has taken initiative to explore professional goals 5) Adaptable 6) Team-player 7) Willing to share and give back to juniors
  • What are the target schools for this program?
    We don't believe in the problematic categorization of "target schools". Anyone is welcomed to apply, regardless of where you go to school, as long as you're a fellow Malaysian.
  • Do I have to major in business/finance/accounting?
    Nope. We are degree-agnostic and we encourage students of all majors to apply. Really, your major doesn't matter.
  • Can I apply if I am almost graduating or have recently graduated?
    Even if you are almost graduating or have recent graduated, we would still encourage you to put in an application if you are strongly interested. Our mission is to help students, and we are willing to be flexible to help more students.
  • What is the time commitment for the program?
    You will be initiating a minimum of four 30 minutes calls with your mentor throughout the programme. On top of that, there will be 3-4 workshops over the year, and each workshop will take 1-2 hours. Therefore, you can expect yourself to spend approximately 10 hours taking part in the programme. However, please take note that the time commitment may vary as you are also encouraged to make use of the aileron. resources available to you to maximize your learning and development.
  • How will I be communicating with my mentor?
    That depends on how you and your mentor prefer to communicate. It can be through emails, WhatsApp, or LinkedIn. Once the pandemic subsides, you can even grab coffee or a meal with your mentor if it's mutually convenient.
  • Can I reapply for the program if I am rejected?
    Yes, we will have another cycle with a bigger cohort in Q4 2021. At this stage, we are keeping things small so that we can test and validate our program structure. So it's us, not you, and we definitely do encourage you to apply again if you are interested.
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