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Networking 101: Tips to reach out and initiate a coffee chat!

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Intimidated by the idea of a coffee chat? Attended tons of events but ended up not knowing anyone? Unsure about how to expand and utilize your professional network?

If you find the descriptions above relatable, fret not, either the Google algorithm or your peers have found you the right article. On 11th November 2021, aileron. organized a webinar on “Networking 101” to demystify the networking process and offer a guide from step A to Z. Our speakers, Zhao Xuan, the founder of aileron., and Betty, a former investment banking analyst at Credit Suisse, shared their experience and offered tips on how to navigate networking in different contexts.

In case you missed our webinar, don’t worry! We will be breaking down the pieces of insights shared in the webinar into a digestible 3-part series.

The event, which featured an intimate, closed-door setting, allowed the speakers to share personal anecdotes candidly—even stories on bad networking experiences where they “flopped”--while giving attendees space to ask questions openly. In addition to sharing tricks and templates that can be immediately applied, the speakers emphasized heavily having a healthy mindset when approaching networking.

Thank you to all those who forked out their time on a Saturday evening to join us, and keep an eye out for the 3-part networking series that will be published soon on our website.

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