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A Career in Investment Banking

What makes a good investment banker a great one? How can local graduates build a competitive profile against overseas graduates?

aileron. and Nottingham Economics Society recently collaborated to host an event aimed at answering these questions and providing insights into the investment banking industry.

We were honored to be joined by three esteemed panelists from Affin Hwang Capital and Deloitte Asia Pacific, who each shared their personal experience and took part in answering audience questions. The session was moderated by Edmond Yap, an Analyst at Maybank Investment Bank and member of aileron.’s Management Team.

In the session, they highlighted proactiveness, negotiating skills, and subject matter expertise as highly desirable traits in the investment banking sector. Talking about their past experiences, they also emphasized the importance of perseverance and having passion for your job, as well as constantly striving for improvement and consistency.

Lastly, we discussed the issue of strengthening local students to compete against overseas graduates. Our panelists noted the importance of English fluency along with critical thinking and networking skills as crucial drivers of boosting local students’ profiles.

We hope you enjoyed the event and found it informative as we did; we look forward to seeing you at the next event!

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