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Unfiltered Insights in Management Consulting

“Unfiltered Insights” returned earlier this month with a session on Management Consulting. In the webinar, we presented a comprehensive overview of the hiring process and industry strengths of all leading consulting firms in Malaysia after networking with over 15 consultants across all leading consulting firms in Malaysia.

Among the topics covered was the difference between MBB firms and strategy consulting arms of the Big 4. While MBB consultants work on projects that encompass a wide variety of industries and functions, the Big 4 tend to place consultants in highly specialized teams with vastly different exposures and opportunities.

One critical piece of advice that we delivered to our participants is that there are many diverse pathways to break into consulting, and students shouldn’t be approaching their professional development journey as a “checkbox ticker”. There are many ways that students can distinguish themselves, such as joining student consultancies, pursuing internships in relevant fields, or even running their own pet project. In the spirit of aileron.’s goal to create a collaborative community, we also recommend students to network, put themselves out, and practice with case buddies as they navigate the recruitment process.

For the late half of the session, we were privileged to be joined by two consultants working in leading consulting firms, who shared their career journey and took part in answering participant questions.

We will be gradually releasing more insights gathered in the making of this webinar, so do keep an eye out for updates on our website. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

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